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After many years of building and development, Gia Minh Multimedia is increasingly affirming its name in the field of communication. We are working with big partners and we understand customer needs, support businesses: promote the brand, build trade, integrate quickly and sustainably in the domestic and world economy.

Strategic consulting

Gia Minh Multimedia focuses highly on pushing back the difficulties, seizing the opportunities, renewing the awareness, adjusting the organization, maximizing the capital, investing equipment and human resources heavily, and making the company become a comprehensive-developed enterprise in the field of communication in Vietnam.


Gia Minh Multimedia applies the most advanced technology in business with the modern equipment, dynamic working environment, talented and enthusiastic human resources who are constantly innovating to provide the good-quality products and meet the communication needs of businesses, partners and the general public.


  • Content creation
  • Strategic consulting
  • Branding
  • Print design
  • Website design
  • PR/ Marketing
  • Video/TVC
  • Content

It’s easy to understand that creativity is the source of success. At Gia Minh, we always nurture the creative ability of our staffs so that unique produc

Let Gia Minh Media help you build a detailed plan, according to the most professional and accurate processes

Gia Minh wishes to be with you in your company's branding journey.

Your product value will be increased many times if they are nicely decorated properly. Let Gia Minh improve your products with the most outstanding design.

The website designs created by Gia Minh ensure professionalism and catch up with international trends with perfect details,modern features that meet all SEO requirements ...

PR - Marketing is one of the most effective ways of sales activities. To create a great PR - Marketing product, you should choose Gia Minh Media because we have talented staff to determine your success.

To produce the best Video / TVC with high quality, we try to do the best from creating ideas to filming and post-production. We have created a lot of videos / TVCs like viral videos, TVC business profiles, etc.

We provide marketing content services such as PR articles, sales videos, Facebook posts, etc. ensuring a good sales conversion rate.


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